[MBN Star] BTS Members’ Charms Written by the Members Themselves : RAP MONSTER


Hidden charms of this member that other people don’t know

Jimin: His image is heavier than the rest of the members because he is the leader, but his thoughts are deep, and he takes good care of each member. And he’s a playful hyung!
Jungkook: He is beautiful when he dances.
J-Hope: Sometimes, he is not careful at all, and other times, his is very careful. This reverse charm!
Jin: He is very scatterbrained. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to take care of his cell phone and wallet.

Something you couldn’t say to him before

Jimin: Don’t snore while you sleep.
Suga: I know how hard it is to be the leader, and you’ve done well up until now!
V: Your mindset of making sacrifices for Bangtan. It’s very nice to see. Thank you.
Jin: Rapmon, who is as sensitive as anyone while he sleeps. Sorry for being loudㅠㅠAnd don’t snore.


26 August 2014  /  1,403 notes


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